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Participate in the Lord's move in Rome

In The World Situation and the Direction of the Lord’s Move, brother Lee said, “The Lord’s direction of His present recovery must be toward Europe” (p. 17). On the next page he continued, “Europe, in the consummation of the fulfillment of the vision concerning the great human image in Daniel 2, is also more vitally crucial than any other country and race” (p. 18). He concluded that before the crushing of the great human image transpires, “the Lord’s recovery must spread to Europe and be rooted there” (p. 19). The ministry helps us to see that Europe is crucial for the Lord’s return, and it also gives us a detailed blueprint of how to live out the gospel and bear the Lord’s testimony among the Europeans.
    The purpose and function of this section is to provide the saints in the Lord's recovery with information about the work being carried out in Rome. Our hope is that the information displayed in this website will strengthen the saints' burden for the Lord's move in Rome and Europe and help them to participate in it through prayer, giving, and going to spread the gospel of the kingdom to the whole inhabited earth so that God's eternal economy may be accomplished and the present age may be consummated. 
​    "This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole inhabited earth for a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come.” - Matthew 24:14

Now is the time for the Lord to fulfill His desire through His overcomers, who cooperate and coordinate with Christ in His heavenly ministry for His up-to-date and ultimate move. Thank the Lord for the ministry that gives us a detailed blueprint of what we can do. For God's ultimate move, we must be one with the interceding Christ, the praying Christ by offering our prayer at the incense altar. This intercessory prayer enables God to carry out the divine administration, fulfill His purpose, satisfy His desire and delight His heart. 


We can also participate in the flow of God's work by way of giving for the furtherance of the gospel of His kingdom. What a blessing that we can participate in this way by opening an account with the Lord and keeping its credit side continually increasing in the fruit of our giving (Phil. 4:17, footnote 3). We are happy to report that recently the church in Rome completed the purchase of a meeting hall near the University of Rome! The property was formerly an old "discoteca" and needs to be transformed into an assembly hall for the saints. To participate in the transformation please pray and contribute any amount through the Lord's Move to Europe ( Please designate the gift to the "church in Rome meeting hall". Thank you all for your love and support!


Regarding migration, Brother Lee said, “I encourage you all to pick up the burden to migrate. We should migrate not for the sake of our living but for the sake of the gospel. The Lord called Abraham, and Abraham migrated. In following the Lord, Abraham had no lack. Likewise, as we migrate for the gospel’s sake the Lord will meet our needs. To migrate for the gospel is to migrate for the Lord, since the gospel is actually the Lord Himself. The first pattern found in chapter eight of Acts is the migration of the saints for the spreading of the gospel” (Life-study of Acts, pp. 181-182). To contact us for more information about blending trips, further prayer, fellowship, and coordination in regards to gospel trips or migration, and other means other participation by going please go to "contact Us" using the link above.